Save the 384 Bus route

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Transport for London (TFL) are proposing, (full consultation here)  to extend the 384 bus to Edgware by rerouting and withdrawing the hail and ride service to these ROADS: Stafford, Gloucester, Lyonsdown, Longmore, York, East Barnet, Brookhill, Crescent, Castlewood and Northfield Road.

we the undersigned, hereby object to TFL' s proposal on the grounds that:

1) The hail and ride service to the above roads, is an essential lifeline to the passengers that rely on this bus, who would not otherwise have direct access to their local shops, nurseries, primary schools and NHS facilities. This includes the Aldi supermarket due to open on the Brookhill/Crescent Rd route.   

2)  The 384 bus is a direct pick up/drop off service and not to be confused with a direct and quicker route through Barnet.  We already have these buses on the main roads.  

3)  There is already direct bus links across the borough.  The 107 can easily be re-routed/extended to solve new proposed routes.  The 384 is only a single decker  so if this was extended there would still be an issue with capacity on the busiest sections.

4)  If TFL are looking to reduce expenditure across London then the 384 bus timetables could be reduced during low demand/non peak times.