Help Save Dexter Johnson life he was convicted of a murder he was falsely accused of.

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In June 2006, two weeks after Dexter Johnson's 18th birthday, he pleaded guilty to minor charges of marijuana possession found in his best friend's mother home. While under trial for marijuana possession,  charges accrued to capital punishment.  The conviction was not held on physical evidence or DNA, but instead confessions from his plea bargaining defendants (his best friend, his bestfriend girlfriend and her family). Prior to the case, Dexter did not have a criminal record; he had never been arrested before, unlike his codefendants. There are no evidence that support the capital punishment sentence for Dexter. There is, however, many reasons he should be removed from his death sentence before it is wrongfully carried our this year. Dexter have a loving family; a mother and father, brothers and sisters, and most importantly a daughter that was born a preemie, died revived and was 9months at the time of the arrest. Love from his family has not been enough to bring justice to the false accusations pending on Dexter; despite protests and retrial attempts ,Dexter's case has not been thoroughly reviewed or considered because the family could not afford a lawyer that would fight to prove the case has been an unjust. The case has been rushed due to the lack of interest from his xiyet appointed and the District attorney.  The "evidence "is solely based on coerce confession,testimonies and recounts from witnesses that support the defendants. Dexter had been classified as special Ed in his childhood and has been medically recognized as intellectually disabled due to a hole in his frontal lobe as well as deteriorating tissue, inhibiting his ability to testify on his own behalf. Dexter has received a death sentence scheduled for May 2, 2019. With the help of his family, he has authored a book that details his unfair trial found on we ask you to please help us save his life by signing this petition and sharing this story. The Johnson family appreciates you for your attention and your help on this matter. Thank you and God Bless.