Prevent Dr Pepper from becoming the official soft drink of Texas

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In June of 2011, Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Dublin, TX, putting many Texans out of work in the small town of 3,654 and devastating the local economy. It was a reaction to their inability to keep Dublin Dr Pepper, which had continued to be made according to the original Dr Pepper recipe, from being sought after by fans as the best version of the popular soft drink. The Internet and "smugglers" had enabled a market for Dublin Dr Pepper beyond the boundaries of the original 44-mile radius distribution area, which provided the ammunition needed by the greedy, 3rd largest US soda company with a reported 2010 revenue of $5.6 BILLION USD to go after the small, family-owned plant whose only real crime was sticking to their original agreement to manufacture and distribute Dr Pepper signed way back in 1891. Now Dr Pepper wants to be officially recognized as the official soft drink of the State of Texas. I ask you, my fellow Texans and State Legislators, to deeply consider what type of organization we, as proud Texans, should bestow such an honor upon... A small, family owned bottling company employing locals in one of our rural small towns, or the global mega corporation that through many mergers and acquisitions is no longer related to the original startup from Waco, TX.