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My Daughter wrongfully punished

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Newman Smith High School, & Assistant Principal Ms. D Jackson of the Carrollton Independent school district has ignored a consistent series of bullying. My daughter & a young lady had words exchanged back & forth Freshman Year. I took this issue to Mr. Joe Pouncy & Mr. Isley handled it Freshman year, the young lady continued to bother my daughter & other students, yet she was not sent to any type of alternative school. Sophomore year the same thing occurred & she had the young lady at that time started social media slandering, which I did see my daughter entertain a few, but knowing how it is to be a teenager and she didn't want to seem scary. I watched the other young lady taunt teachers, administration, she got kicked out of the athletics program, she threatened my daughter numerous times, as well as in 2016 after my daughter had an ACL surgery, the young lady bumped her, we filed charges but she did not go to alternative school still. Then I get a call from school from my daughter who tells me that the young lady keeps saying she wants to fight her and she said I don't want to fight her but I feel like that's my only option. So, the following day my daughter sees the young lady and started fighting her. It was not right for her too, but a Teenager who has been going through this for 3 years, a torn acl injury, also a divorce with parents & relocation has a lot going on mentally and to come to school always having to watch your back because the school DID NOT GET THE PROBLEM RESOLVED, decided to place my daughter, who has no previous discipline issues NEVER, who even the head principals knows my daughter shouldn't be sent to alternative school   My daughter plays Varsity Volleyball, Grades have suffered because of all of this, has 10 schools trying to scout her, was homecoming court. The principal Ms. Jackson has something against my daughter and told her she had no right hitting the girl, but the girl had no right doing any of the things she did so why punish my daughter so harsh and the actually bully who the WHOLE school knows is one or tries to be is treated like the victim. It appears they bare further victimizing my daughter by placing her in alternative school...sounds like unreasonable punishment after documented bullying from me my daughter and my dad for over 3 years. I feel the principal Ms. Jackson did not handle the situation correctly and still hasn't. My daughter is mentally drained & I have decided to get an attorney & contacted the news station in regards to how they handle this issue in Carrollton & or Newman Smith High school. My daughter has the right to defend herself mentally, emotionally and physically, especially when you see the school hasn't helped.  We as humans have breaking points & for this to have went on for so long my daughter had her breaking point.  A person can only take so much before they reach their breaking point... She felt like her career was over when she tore her acl... That weighs A lot on a student athlete .... and when the girl pushed her down, luckily she didn't re-injure it, but being pushed down while on crutches messed with her mentally. Yet the school did nothing & this has discouraged my daughter in all aspects. I feel there needs to be a system for this & policies re-wrote because you must find out why a child acts out in this manner. I know my daughter & she is an awesome girl & yes, she fell short out of all 1095 days, but sending a student like my daughter to alternative school and not the other is unfair, too harsh & unjust. What if my daughter would have killed herself & used that as her breaking point. This is not right

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