Mirror Now - Introduce Sign Interpreters for your Prime Time News Show #CanYouHearUs

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Sometimes it’s the silence which is full of sounds.

My life changed overnight. Little did I know that an evening walk would turn into a hospital emergency, and I would never be able to see my dad again.

It is just unbelievable that lack of communication can cause a loss of life. While he was walking to the milk shop, he saw a drunk man arguing with the shopkeeper. He tried to intervene and make him understand the ill effects of alcohol. Since he was deaf and could only sign to communicate, it wasn’t enough and made the drunk more aggressive, which in turn took my father’s life.

I tried to find every possible reason which could help me understand why the drunk man reacted this way, when all my father was trying to do is help him. It took me years to find the reason and the only reason was lack of communication. The other person could not understand what my father was trying to say through sign.

I wasn’t able to get justice then, but now I am ready to raise my voice. 

In a country, with 22 national languages and with over 1.3 million deaf people, sign language not just has a lack of awareness but is also the need of the hour.

We talk about inclusion but is it really there? Why we consider deaf people as disabled or handicapped when we are unable to communicate with them?

I do not want another Pooja to lose her father.

Which is why I am asking Mirror Now to take action and introduce Sign Interpreters during the Prime Time news show. This will help them in reaching the masses and increase awareness about sign language, by also introducing a “Word of the Day” in sign.

It’s time we raised our voices, and make sure that the world can hear us. Sign and share this petition to make sure Mirror Now introduces Sign Interpreters during their Prime Time News slot.