Ask TEVA to bring back their old Clonazepam!

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TEVA Pharm recently got rid of their old Clonazepam recipe in favor or Actavis' formula. Even though this drug sometimes gets a bad reputation, the TEVA brand has helped many people, including myself, for years with panic disorder, agoraphobia, anxiety attacks, seizures and even sometimes insomnia due to anxiety.
The new brand simply does not work! For some its caused a resurgence of their symptoms, for others it has plain made them sick with horrible side effects.
Some have experienced a return of their seizures, some a return of their anxiety and even suicidal behavior.

The old TEVA brand worked, why change it?

Bring back the old TEVA recipe that they had for so many years

Personal story
I was given the actavis brand on my most recent refill. I take these to deal with my anxiety/panic disorder with agoraphobia. I thought nothing about the change, it happens. A few days later I started to fill ill, headaches, light sensitivity, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, extreme anxiety. I couldn't work and was sent to the ER 4 times.
I had muscle twitching that kept me from sleeping, and didn't sleep for 4 days straight, this caused me to attempt suicide.
Thankfully I was saved.
I took a TEVA brand that I had left over and my symptoms went away with a day.
I have tried every other generic there is, with no luck.
I am currently on the name brand and even those are not as good as the old TEVA brand.
I am off work and trying to heal, I now have 4 ER visits to pay for, and expensive name brand medicine.
This is only my story, a simple google search will show there are many others.
It's not fair for a company to give us a medicine that works, then take it away without warning.