Stop the 5000 Person Event Space in Cherry Valley, PEC!

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Cherry Valley, South Marysburgh, and Athol residents have recently learned of a proposal for the rezoning of prime agricultural land in Prince Edward County - previously the Cherry Vale property (1927 County Road 10) - that backs onto the village of Cherry Valley. The zoning proposal requests a 5000 outdoor concert venue with 1200 parking spaces, an unlimited number of events per year, of up to 5 days in duration, and loud noise between 7am and 2am.

At this size and scale, the invaluable farmland would become the largest event venue in Prince Edward County and as far as a 100-150km radius in the region.

Our concerns are:

- The destruction of designated prime, agricultural, organic farmland for the sake of parking lots and event-related buildings.

- The lack of environmental assessment of noise, vibration, and human activity as this property sits within an important, natural wetland habitat.

Public SAFETY due to the lack of traffic control both within the private property and on public roads surrounding the property. The area sits next to a public school, with access through a village that already has traffic congestion and speeding issues.

Excessive noise to a quiet community that does not welcome such a venue, and particularly in the majority hours of the day (between 7am-2am).

- The lack of emergency evacuation plans and fire prevention for crowds of such a size.

- There is also currently no limit to the number of trailers and camping spots on the property.

- A lack of assessment or planning for waste and water management for this number of people over an extended period of days.

- The disruption of lives to an entire community for the benefit of one business.

County staff currently propose to move forward with a temporary permit allowing 2000 people, 3 day events, and loud noise between 7am-11pm. We still think this temporary permit is too intense! The issuing of a temporary permit could also be a precedent for a permanent rezoning, and act as a foothold to approve the ultimate goal of a 5000 person concert venue.

The proposal goes forth to town Council on Wednesday, May 16th (yes, tomorrow!). Only Cherry Valley residents within 120m of the property were notified very recently (despite previous concerts on this property in 2017 being heard many kms away). It's important to note that Council also cited the lack of comments from residents (despite the fact that none of us were notified or aware of the application). Make your voice be heard!


We the undersigned wish Prince Edward County Council to defer any rezoning of 1927 County Road 10 into an event space, or further issuing of temporary permits, until the appropriate environmental, traffic, culture, and tourism studies are completed and residential concerns considered to assess the net benefits of such development. 

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