Unleash the LR AWD

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We are a group of EV enthusiasts and Model 3 LR AWD owners. We love our cars, and we love giving our friends a taste of the future by taking them on test drives :) We know driving is the fast path to believing. 

We also know our cars are capable of more, and we want to enjoy the full experience. Many of us did not need or want the full performance upgrade package. For example, living in harsher climates or in cities with poor roads makes 20” sport wheels and summer tires impractical and unnecessarily expensive. Many of us also have no plans to track our cars.

But we still yearn for the endless smiles of the performance 0-60!

This configuration was once sold in the US and is still sold in other countries like the UK. We are simply asking you to make available for purchase a firmware upgrade to enhance our ownership experience and allow us to even further wow the world to what the Model 3 can do.

Thank you for making such a great car!