Make UK Supermarket Fruit Suitable For Vegans- stop waxing with animal derivatives

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Across the country, consumers are unknowingly purchasing fruit and vegetables waxed with E904/Shellac made from lac beetles. This can affect a variety of fresh produce including oranges, lemons, limes, apples, cucumbers and more. 

Although this is usually listed in small print on the label it is not common knowledge and renders a large section of fruit non-vegan.

As society becomes more aware of additives and unnecessary additions to our food we believe that not only is this non-vegan ingredient problematic for us but also other consumers- we as a society are beginning to choose more healthy, natural products and that includes fruit and vegetables! There is no need for animal derived food wax in 2018.

Please sign this petition to make supermarkets aware of the demand for vegan fruit and to request suppliers of unwaxed produce!


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