Less Mayo in Tesco’s Meal Deals

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We are faced by an plight of a sandwich related nature. Tesco meal deals are a staple for employees and students alike for when in a pinch, but there is one fatal flaw to these sandwiches!

the amount of mayonnaise is them is too damn high, all I taste is creamy mayo goodness. Mayo is nice but only in small dosages, tesco has been a bit over generous and it is ruining my meal. A sandwich should not be all creamy mayo, that is not my idea of a good sandwich.

Tesco have been intentionally misleading the nation with their so called healthier options, yet in their chicken salad, the mayo is the primary component, instead of the chicken or salad. We are faced by an obesity crisis and this exuberant usage of mayonnaise needs to stop!

prevent obesity by reducing the amount of mayo in sandwiches and make them taste better as well! Make the healthy options more healthier!

stop this mayo menace and say “mmm I quite like mayo, but I just want a lot less of it!”


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