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For retailers to start selling dairy and soya free yogurts and milks for children

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Approximately 5-7% of children are diagnosed with cows milk allergy each year. This means that approximately 48,000 parents are having to keep their children on a dairy free diet. It's estimated that 30-50% of these children are also allergic to soya. Yet currently there are no dairy and soya free yogurts or milks marketed for children (there are dairy and soya free yogurts marketed for adults but these don't contain added calcium and the vitamins necessary for children. Only Koko sells dairy and soya free yogurts with added calcium, but the size of the tubs are not practical for toddlers). There is currently only one dairy free milk for under 3s on the market, but this is Soya based (alpro growing up 1+). This petition is asking Oatly/Tesco/Alpro/Sainsto start selling products suitable for children with cows milks and soya allergies. Tesco and Alpro have a large range of yogurts, all soya based. Oatly's barista milks are widely used for children with a milk allergy as it's the alternative milk with the highest level of fat content in the UK. But we would love a milk that's specifically tailored to children and one that's also available in small 200ml cartons so we have options like any other mum to pop out (currently the small cartons don't have calcium or enough fat content for children). Please can you give these children the same opportunity as those without allergies. This would also enable vegan mums to buy yogurts and puddings for their children. In the UK the vegan community has risen by 360% in the last 10 years and this would likely be a welcome move for vegan parents.

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