Keep Dr. Leslie Roach the principal of Northwood High School, Irvine CA

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The movement/petition to remove Dr. Leslie Roach from being the principal of Northwood High School is absolutely ridiculous. Dr. Roach has led Northwood High School as an excellent principal for multiple years. Northwood High School is currently recognized by colleges among some of the best high schools. This is all under the leadership of Dr. Leslie Roach. Northwood High School has included integrated sciences in the curriculum since the schools foundation in 1999. However, since many incoming students and parents feel that Integrated Science 3 is damaging, it is reasonable and valid for them to have their own opinion. Attempt to learn to more about this common core course, before passing judgement on it. If, after learning about the course, you still disagree, there are more civil ways of sharing your voices. Removing Dr. Roach as principal is not going to solve anything. In 2016 Northwood High School was ranked #25 among every other high school in the nation. Guess who was principal in 2016? Dr. Leslie Roach. Please share your voice and sign this petition to keep an amazing principal as the leader of Northwood High School. Support Dr. Leslie Roach.