Keep Palmetto Beach - Bermuda Boulevard for Residential NOT Commercial

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Palmetto Beach has long been a family oriented neighborhood. I, myself, have 5 generations living here with many friends that are the same.  We look after each other, go to the same schools, enjoy Desoto park together and support our neighborhood stores.

However, it is now a prime location for outsiders who want to open up more commercial and multi-residential buildings along our beautiful waterfront.

Unfortunately, these outsiders decided that only residents within 250 feet of their desired project were to be notified and requested approval from them only.  They did not anticipate word getting around.  Palmetto Beach is a family from one side to the other in its entirety and we want what is good for our community.

This projects suggests the rules be changed so that the vacant land between Saxon and Elmwood (also between 22nd and Bermuda) become commercial and residential. 

This means building hi-rises consisting of 115 condos that are approximately 900 square feet and a 400 car parking garage and several UNKNOWN businesses.

I am in agreement that there should be a few more stores on 22nd Street but NOT waterfront. 

We have a very nice, peaceful neighborhood and I would hate to see it turned into another Ybor City, SOHO or Channelside. 

Please, sign this petition before August 13th so that I may take it do the courthouse.

Also - please feel free to join us there.   Downtown Courthouse - Monday August 13th - 18th Floor at 5:00 p.m.