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Enact New Laws Calling For Audits of Ordinances of Localities For Compliance With State Codes

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At the present time, the chain of command to change ordinances in violation of the Dillon Rule in the State of Virginia have broken down and no longer work.  The Attorney General sites state code, 2.2-505 as to why he can not get involved should you seek a correction in the matter and have exhausted all other avenues to correct ordinances within your locality.


  State audits now seem mandatory as the problem appears rampant throughout the state.  People are being prosecuted under ordinances that are not within compliance of state codes and judges in localities are going along with the ordinances even when the ordinances are highly questionable.


  State audits will protect the people from an unjust locality.  Any locality that fails an audit should have the following considerations, reprimands of those guilty of creating and passing ordinances in violation of the Dillon Rule at the lowest end to criminal prosecutions of those responsible for creating local ordinances and passing them.  The loss of state funding for projects is also another consideration along with blocking any potential of the locality of raising local taxes to compensate for state funds that were taken away due to it's breach of trust to the people.


  Further audits to be conducted should the ordinance cause issues where people have been unjustly tried and prosecuted under an ordinance in violation of the Dillon Rule, hence state codes.  Judges be subjected to penalties up to removal and criminal charges brought against them and forced to pay restitution to those unjustly prosectued under the ordinance found in violation.   County officials involved in the creation of any ordinance in violation of state code also subjected to potential criminal prosecution and under certain circumstances, made to pay restitution from their own personal assets and not from the coffers of the localities treasury.  


  How does the state fund this?  Incentive based audits.  Pulling funding from a locality has a certain degree of savings to the state.  Also, charges to the locality for it's violations with no chance of recovery, of funds to be paid, to come from new taxes levied on it's residents forcing the county to find cost cutting measures to pay any fines levied against it.


  If localities are required to undergo financial audits on a regular ongoing basis, then why not insure the people against the potential of an unjust local government?


The video at the top of this petition is from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors meeting from December 3rd, 2013 and the ordinance brought before the Board is very highly questionable, was passed and backdated to take effect as of July, 2013 and does not appear to meet the Dillon Rules of the state.  This is the type of garbage that needs to stop.

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