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Remove Dr R K Pachauri as Director General of TERI till the judgement on sexual harassment case is announced.

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Sexual harassment at work places is happening since ages. Many women silently suffer the harassment due to lack of courage to report, fear of social stigma, fear of losing the job and so on. A 29 year old girl Research Associate at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi) finally stood up and reported the sexual harassment of Dr R K Pachauri with solid evidence of 6,000 messages (e-mail, sms, whatsapp messages). Although FIR was lodged in mid Feb 2015, still Dr Pachauri is continuing as Director General of TERI even at the age of 75 (It is understood that other staff at TERI retires at the age of 58 years).

As an eye wash exercise he went on leave temporarily from TERI and currently he is trying to comeback to TERI as soon as possible. His petition to make a come back at TERI is coming up for hearing in a local Saket District Court on July 17, 2015.  He is out on bail now. While sanctioning the bail in Feb 2015, the local court asked him not to enter TERI office. By the this modern world with so many communication gazettes around, keeping him away from entering TERI office is hardly a deterrent for him to keep in touch with TERI colleagues. This condition would have been relevant before 1950s. He stays at posh Golf Links in New Delhi which is just 2 km away from TERI premises located at India Habitat Centre on Lodhi Road. If he wants he can always call TERI colleagues to his residence. Otherwise, it is understood that he is controlling TERI from his home. Infact by virtue of his bail he must be seriously influencing the witnesses.

I can imagine.....had this crime been committed by an ordinary TERI male colleague, by now Dr Pachauri would have sacked him and possibly by now the person would have been behind the bars.  

Brief History about his sexual harassment case:

(i) Have a look at the below article by Ms Shoba De who aptly called Dr Pachauri as Dr Lecherous.

(ii) See this news item in Daily Mail which gives initial case background

(iii) If you time.... here is the link to read those 6,000 e-mails / SMS's / Whatsapp messages between Dr Pachauri and the 29 year old girl. These are very interesting conversations. See how Dr Pachauri was trying to lure this girl by several tricks (including exhibiting emotional black mail, self pity) which normally teenagers do. The final two pages of this document (Appendix) contain a short statement from a second woman, who worked at TERI a decade ago.:

(iv) Pachauri’s TERI: Not a Safe Place for Women - witten by a Canadian journalist Ms Donna Laframboise

(v) Have a look at this You tube video (in Hindi) to know the story in short.

Needless to say that public perception in India is growing day by day that India has two justice systems, one for rich and famous and the other for poor and common man. It is time we demand equal justice system for all of us. 

It is understood that there are many women colleagues who suffered similar harassment at TERI from Dr Pachauri, but are scared to report as he can come back any time as DG, TERI and can possibly take revenge on such persons who dare to complain / provide witness against him.

I am an Ex TERI (Research Associate, 1990-95). I know this girl is saying the truth. During my time at TERI and subsequently also....I used to hear such things happening with many women colleagues at TERI from Dr Pachauri side. But no one had any guts or courage to report against powerful Dr Pachauri. I felt it to be obligatory on my part under Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) to support the 29 year old girl as she is fighting her case alone. It is our duty to support the said 29 year old brave girl (I call her "Durga") who has guts and courage to expose such perverted high profile person who is world famous, rich and page 3 kind of socialite who has high level connections.

Let's urge TERI Governing Council ( to remove Dr Pachauri as Director General so that free and fair enquiry can take place, and the enquiry result (if he is found guilty) is going to teach good lessons for similar CEOs not only in India but across the globe. 

With best regards,

P R Reddy, New Delhi


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