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Too change the law regarding the dangerous dogs act 1991

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The Reason I have made this petition is too change the law on the dangerous dogs act 1991 because so many innocent puppies and dogs are destroyed each year all due too their looks and appearance not because they are out of control or dangerous. it's not the dogs that are dangerous, it's the other people on the end of the lead. 

I understand that some are dangerous which is not there fault and yes if they have attacked and killed a dog or person then yes they do get destroyed i understand that but the owners of the dogs made the dogs like that they should get harsher sentences and banned from ever owning a dog again.

but innocent dogs that just look different are being ripped from loving families and destroyed based on there looks how is that right ? And then because of this law they have a bad reputation and they are not bad dogs they are loving and loyal and beautiful dogs they deserve the right too live the law needs too change 

Look at what happened too Stella because of Devon and Cornwall police done too her no exercise or human contact for 2 years and now she's in a loving family and not dangerous or aggressive but she was still ripped from a loving family all because of the way she looked how is that right ? 

I'm not asking you too abolish the law all I'm asking is that you change the law so innocent dogs don't get ripped from there family and destroyed based on there looks as you do get larger Staffies and cross pits unless they are deemed dangerous and are seen as out of control leave them alone but i do think that we should make breeding illegal until all the shelter dogs are rehomed like in Finland and then the shelters won't be at breaking point. Or you have too apply for a license and a full background check too make sure that it's decent people adopting the dog And this should include pitbulls all bull terrier breeds. 

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