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Support me in having my son extradited to prevent death penalty.

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My son Christopher was detained in Abu Dhabi in February 2016. He told us that his friends were taking him to UAE for his birthday.  When I received the phone call that he had been arrested it felt as though my world had fell from under my feet.  

Thankfully my son was acquitted and released in October 2016 but he still is trapped in Abu Dhabi as the authorities are refusing to give him his passport back. That’s why I’m calling on the British embassy to help him get him the documentation he needs.

Christopher had never been to prison before and all who know him know that he is not the type to get in trouble.  The embassy said he had been arrested for the possession of synthetic cannabis known as 'spice'.  My son told me that when he was arrested and charged it was all done in Arabic and he was also made to sign a document. He said you have no choice to do anything but sign - they stand over you with guns. During his imprisonment he was kept in a cell without sunlight.

In 2012, Christopher was hit by a car and sustained injuries, leaving him with shattered bones in his ankle, now held together with metal pins.  He also has a heart condition which is hereditary. And needs to be in the UK where he can be taken care of. We are all very distressed and concerned for Christopher.

Christopher has a young family who need him and before leaving to go with those friends he just began a new job. The UK government can do more  to help my family but they’re aren’t.

In situations like this I question the relationship the UK has with many of these countries why they are unable to intervene and why we have an embassy in other countries if not to protect British citizens.

Please sign my petition to help bring my son home,



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