Justice for jj � Jaiden John Mangan �

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We have made this petition to get justice for JJ . We want to take this to be House of Commons as the sentences given to Dean Phoenix and Graham Brooker are an insult to his short life.

On 29th March 2018 JJ age 3 was walking to school with his mum and sister. They approached the pedestrian crossing where Dean Pheonix was stationary in his lorry, they waited for the green light and crossed in this same moment Dean Pheonix was arguing with Graham Brooker as he had parked illegally on the pedestrian crossing zig zags.
Dean Pheonix did not check his mirrors nor did he check that the light was green and pulled out on to the crossing on a red light hitting Jaiden. He joined the angels later at Dorchester hospital.

Dean Pheonix was sentenced to 12 months in prison and a 18 month driving ban. From this he will only serve 6 months.
Dean Pheonix should still be in prison, he has only been out of prison for a year as in 2004 he took his own wife’s life. He was sentenced to life in prison yet he only served 13 years of his sentence.
Graham Brookers actions also played a huge part in what happed that day and he received a 3 months  driving ban and a £380 fine.

We ask that this is looked in to by the House of Commons as JJs life was cut so short due to the actions of these two men. Dean Pheonix to serve 6 months is not justice in any shape or form and we are all baffled as to how the judge seen this as a fitting punishment to is crime.

We ask you to join us in signing this petition to get justice for JJ

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