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Friday, July 20 will mark the 38th anniversary of the one of the most brutal slayings in Hamblen County history.  May has only served approximately half his two 20 year sentence after pretending to be a police officer, Randy Lee May lured 15-year-old Mitzi Holt Sizemore and her 16 year-old friend Mary Jones into his car. May took the two girls into the woods, savagely attacked them. He stabbed Sizemore three times in the chest, slashed her throat and left her handcuffed to a tree to die. Sizemore could only listen as May slaughtered, violated and killed Jones. When May realized Sizemore was still alive, her returned to her and stabbed her again. His plan was to leave no living witness to his atrocities.
Left alone in the woods, Sizemore shredded the flesh off her hands to escape the cuffs, made her way to help, and eventually survived to see her attacker jailed. August 22 will mark the third year in a row that May will be up for parole. The third year in a row that his surviving victim, as well as the friends and family members of both victims, will have to gird themselves to the possibility that Randy Lee May might, once again, be a free man.


citizen tribune 7/18/2018