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Stop Telstra Base Station at Andromeda Fields before January

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Telstra is proposing to install a mobile phone base station on an existing flood light pole at Andromeda Fields Sports Oval, 49-53 Andromeda Drive Cranebrook.

This proposal was first raised in 2012, and after consultation with the local community and council, it failed to go ahead. Now the proposal has been resubmitted. The proposal by Telstra does not require council approval, but Telstra wishes to consult with council and the community again.

Telstra are accepting comments until Tuesday 28th November and their report on outcomes will be prepared by Thursday 30th November. They plan to install as early as Jan 2018. Therefore we need to act fast!

You can comment to Telstra directly regarding the proposal by emailing them at

Here is the proposal website:

The site they have selected is at one side of the sports oval, where young families meet to play sport every week and children play every single day. Many parents take their children to the car park to learn/practice play on their bicycles, scooters etc on the asphalt, when the car park is not in use by drivers. Others play basketball at the oval courts, or kick a ball around on the grass. A cricket pitch and spectator seating stands within metres. A playground is on the premises, which is frequented daily by multiple families. My family included. If this proposal goes ahead, they will be playing right beside the pole.

The oval is also within 50 metres of houses on all sides (including mine). Within 400 metres there is a community centre and Corpus Christi Primary School. Within 550 metres resides the Spunky Monkeys Child Care Centre.

In 2011 the World Health Organisation's International Agency on Cancer Research classified radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as possibly carcinogenic to humans.  An association with increased cancer has been observed but available studies are insufficient to conclude a causal association.

Studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones penetrate children's skulls to a much greater degree than for adults.

To my knowledge, there is a distinct lack of Australian studies on the effects of electromagnetic energy/radiation (EME/EMR) levels from mobile phone base stations. There are currently no studies that prove EMR to be harmless.

Long term studies on the health effects of EMR on children from mobile phone base stations simply do not exist.The technology for these sites is relatively new and evolving rapidly (2G, 3G to 4G) and the research is insufficient or non-existent. 

Children are already exposed to enough EM radiation - we all have microwaves, modems and mobile phones in our homes. We do not need even more exposure added by living next door to mobile phone stations.

The risk to our children's health from constant exposure to even low-level radiation is not worth taking. Our children's health is much more important than mobile phone reception.

Telstra has a choice about where they install their mobile phone base stations. However, our children will have no choice but to be exposed to even more radiation, if this proposal goes ahead.

Please help me appeal to Telstra and ask them to reconsider this proposal. I understand that they want to improve mobile phone coverage in the area. But surely they can find a better solution by installing their base station in an area away from homes, schools and recreation hubs.

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