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Tell Us Animals Are In Our Food

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Everywhere I look I see food with animal products hidden in them. Gummies have gelatin, tomato sauce often has crushed up insects for colour, canned pumpkin soup can have ham hidden deep in the ingredients. Vegetarians and vegans everywhere have been tricked into buying and eating this stuff because the people selling this stuff care only about money. I've been vegetarian for around 5 years now and it's becoming harder and harder every year because they're hiding it more and more. We need to take action and bring this issue more public. It's an issue that has been overlooked and ignored by everyone, but that needs to stop. It's an issue that can be stopped.

What I'm looking to do is not stop them from putting animal products in their food, that's an issue that must be solved another time, I just want them to make it public, put it on the front of their product, whether it's a can, a bag or a bottle of sauce, that it has animal products in it and that it's not vegan friendly. I want them to stop hiding this stuff. I want them to make it easier to be a vegetarian. 

If we can just solve this issue in Australia, we can slowly move it to a much larger scale. America. Canada. Italy. Together we can stop this. Together we can get them to tell us the truth. Together we can know where the animals are.

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