Tell University of Leicester to Go Animal Free!

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We at Animal Justice Project and Leicester Animal Rights are appealing to University of Leicester to STOP using animals in cruel and outdated charity-experiments; and to implement a Plan of Action immediately to eliminate animals on their campuses. 

Together, let's tell Leicester University to Go Animal Free!

Last year, the University of Leicester used 16,427 animals in scientific procedures – many of which were funded by multi-million pound charities such as Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Alzheimer’s UK and Action on Hearing Loss. Animals used included pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats and fish.

Many of these animals are actually bred within the University of Leicester's Central Research Facility for use in experiments. Enough is enough!

Experiments carried out at University of Leicester include:

- Rats deafened, electrodes inserted into their brains and killed after experiments

- Fish immersed in highly toxic water causing aggressive behaviour

- Rabbits killed in heartless cardiac research

- Rats given one of the most dangerous drugs, PCP, causing violent behaviour and hallucinations

- Rats and hamsters bred on campus to be used in cruel experiments

- Mice deafened then killed by decapitation for tinnitus research

Research on animals is unethical, unreliable and unnecessary. Around 90 per cent of animal experiments on university campuses are classified as “basic” research – in other words, they need have no direct benefit to humans!

Over the past few years, it has increasingly been shown that animal studies lack scientific rigour and are prone to biases. For example they are sloppily reported in scientific journals. In 2018, scientists cite hundreds of biomedical studies from journals such as Nature, Science and the Journal of the American Medical Association to show animal modelling is ineffective, misleading to scientists, unable to prevent the development of dangerous drugs, and prone to prevent the development of useful drugs. Legislation still requires animal testing prior to human testing even though the pharmaceutical sector has better options that were unavailable when animal modelling was first mandated. The legislation‐mandated reliance on animal test results in early stages of the drug development process leads to a mere 10 percent success rate for new drugs entering human clinical trials.

‘Species differences’ is critiqued as being the biggest flaw with animal-based research due to each species reacting in different ways. Therefore, findings from animal tests is unreliable at being transferable in humans. Non-animal-based research is not hindered by species differences and they usually take less time and money to complete.

Such methods that the University of Leicester could consider are as follows:

·       Sophisticated tests using human tissues and cells, otherwise known as in-vitro methods

·       Advanced computer modelling techniques often referred to in-silico methods

·       Human volunteers or human patient simulators

·       Organ on a chip technology to mimic tumour environments

·       Virtual dissection programmes for education of students

With these cruelty free options available, the animal-based research which inflicts suffering onto sentient beings CAN end.

We are requesting...

1. Documented scientific proof that any of these animal experiments has saved a single human life. 
2. That public representatives can participate in the ethical review process, since most of these animal experiments are funded by medical charities which are in turn, funded by the public. 
3. To include independent experts, including veterinary surgeons (whose names have been put forward by Animal Justice Project), in the animal research ethics committees. 
The University of Leicester has committed to being transparent about the ways in which animals are used in the University, they therefore should agree to include these above requests.

We urge the University of Leicester to Go Animal Free! Please sign and make the voices of animals inside Leicester University heard!

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