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Mountain West Conference: We Want Divisional Rivalry Weeks!

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College football is built upon traditions and rivalries. Each football season in America the final two weekends of the schedule are traditional dates to schedule your University's rival team and/or teams that are within your division. The Mountain West Conference however does not partake in this iconic time of the year. This severely forces us to miss out on opportunities to grow excitement in each teams fanbase, build marketable growth within our different regions, and most importantly-negatively impacts the integrity of our Conference Championship game each year.

Last year-2016-San Diego State was matched up against Wyoming in the 2nd to last week of the season, only to play them AGAIN in the Championship just a matter of days later. This year-2017-Fresno State is scheduled to play Boise State in the final week of the season and upon the outcome might play each other just 7 days later in the Conference Championship game!? These kind of scheduling oversights are unacceptable. No Championship game matchup should feature two teams that just played each other one week before!

By signing this petition you agree that the Mountain West Conference should:
1. Strictly designate (by the best of their ability) the final TWO weekends of the football season as 'Divisional/Rivalry weeks' by scheduling games between each schools divisional rival if they have one or a team from their division ONLY.
(*Each school would have the freedom to schedule an OOC Team for one of those weeks if they choose, but only if the other remaining week is against a divisional rival/team only).

We are confident that this scheduling provision will help each teams fanbase build upon any existing rivalries. And if a team doesn't have a clear cut rival-we will at the minimum see more exciting & meaningful games take form down the stretch because the games will either help or knock a team out from the Championship game. Lets sign & share this petition and make our College Football seasons even more exciting than they already are!

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