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When the earthquake struck in Haiti on January 12th of this year, churches were among the first to respond. But now one church has had enough. The Haitian headquarters of the Church of God, which provided meals for its hungry neighbors in the days and months after the quake, now plans to evict homeless Haitians who are camping on its land.

Complaining that people are ruining their beautiful land, the church wants the government to figure out what to do with the homeless. It's their private property, they say. It's not their problem where the homeless go.

All this, while they continue to construct air-conditioned homes for missionaries who are rebuilding churches in Haiti.

Tell the Church of God that the purpose of a church is to offer compassion and help people when they are in need. They shouldn't evict the displaced people living on their land until those people have safe homes to return to.

Photo Credit: Ron Sombilon

Letter to
Coordinator of Global Missions, Church of God Bob Edwards
I have recently learned that the Church of God is planning to evict displaced Haitians living on its property at its Haitian headquarters. While I appreciate that church land is in fact private property, I call on you to have some compassion for these people.

As you very well know, homes and buildings were destroyed after the January 12th earthquake, and millions of people were left homeless. Too many still have no homes to return to. Given the state of the economy, there are not enough job opportunities to enable all Haitians to return to work, nor are there sufficient supplies to make it possible for many displaced Haitians to rebuild their homes.

I ask that you allow displaced Haitians to continue living on church property until they have safe home structures to return to. As far as I understand it, the purpose of a church is to help people in their times of greatest need. Displaced Haitians need your help and compassion now more than ever.

Thank you for your time.

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