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Petitioning NFL Chicago Bears and 4 others

Tell the Chicago Bears to make an It Gets Better video!

Please help me in seeing that the Chicago Bears are the next professional sports team to make an It Gets Better video, giving a message to LGBT kids and teens that this world will get better for them, and that suicide is not the answer.

Letter to
NFL Chicago Bears
President and CEO Ted Phillips
General Manager Jerry Angelo
and 2 others
Vice Chairman George H. McCaskey
Director of Community Relations Caroline Guip Schrenker
My name is Anneliese. I am starting a petition to ask your team, the Chicago Bears, to speak out against homophobia in professional sports. Everyone has a right to feel accepted and welcome to do the things they love (like football) without feeling the pressure to be who they're not. Homophobia is very prevalent in professional sports, as well as many other activities and places in this great country. Kids all over are committing suicide because they feel that they're wrong to be the way they are. The It Gets Better (videos located on youtube, if you would like to search for some) project shows kids and teens that are being bullied for being (or are perceived of being) gay that the world beyond the walls of school gets better. Your team can help show them exactly that, and hopefully show the bullies that they are wrong for putting these people down because of who they are. It does not matter whether or not any of us agree or disagree with the morality of being gay, but what matters is the fact that we are all human, and we are not all so much different as we seem. The world needs to see this fact, and having famous and influential people tell the world this will really change the lives of these kids. So please, help me in saving and changing the lives of kids and teens all over these great United States of America.