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Tell the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Don't Legitimize "Ex-Gay Therapy"

The British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is set to determine whether a psychologist who practices "conversion therapy" and believes homosexuality is a mental disorder should have her credentials revoked. This important decision is a chance for the BACP to make a clear statement that mental health practitioners who believe homosexuality is a disorder have no business being licensed by their organization.

The psychologist in question is Lesley Pilkington, who freely admits that she believes homosexuality is a problem, and that all people are born heterosexual -- positions that run counter to every major scientific and psychological body in the world. Moreover, Pilkington has labeled homosexuality a mental disorder, an addiction, and an anti-religious phenomenon.

The BACP has no business rewarding a psychotherapist with these beliefs. They run counter to the ethical standards set forward by the BACP, and run counter to the positions of nearly every mental health organization in Britain and North America, which all oppose "conversion therapy" on the basis that it is harmful for society.

Send the BACP a message that therapists who believe homosexuality is a disorder, and work to "cure" their gay patients, don't deserve a license or accreditation from the BACP.

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