Petition to Protect Fairchild Wheeler Campus-Petición para proteger el campus de FCW

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UPDATE 4/3/2019

Tell the Bridgeport Board of Education:

• No Cuts to administration staff, Principals - Dr. Victor Black, Dr. Michael Watson, and Mr. Jay        Lipp; or Assistant Principals - Beth Furnari, and Dave Henry
• No Consolidation of Interdistrict Schools
• Return all interdistrict money
• Principals should control the funds

We all remember the Bridgeport Board of Education’s actions last Fall and the final culmination letter by Chairman John R. Weldon apologizing for the rash and belligerent display by one of the Members of the Board, Maria Pereira, and then confirming, last December, that the Board would not be cutting staff at The Interdistrict Science Magnet Schools at The Fairchild Wheeler Campus. Both Superintendent Johnson and Weldon promised they would, in the future, continue a dialogue with the school community before acting on and announcing major changes that affect us negatively. Well, they have decided to change direction yet again. The Board has decided to return to the original plan to cut two Principal positions and consolidate the High Schools into one; alternatively, they are considering eliminating the Assistant Principals. Neither plan is acceptable for the functioning of The Interdistrict Science Magnet Schools at The Fairchild Wheeler Campus.

For those of us at last December’s meeting, it was an interesting discussion with Superintendent
Johnson and the Members of the Board about eliminating our Principals and consolidating our three interdistrict magnet schools into one as a cost-saving measure for the City of Bridgeport, which contributes $3,218 per Bridgeport student — one of the lowest in the State. We voiced concerns over consolidation and its impact on class ranking, College admissions, and scholarships. Fairchild Wheeler has shown positive results in all students achieving, and many universities are taking notice. Impressive schools with scholarships are accepting our students. The administration, teachers, and students are delivering results — 98% graduation rate and 85% college admission rate.

The problem is that the Members of the Board neither understand how our interdistrict schools
function, the grant’s laws, nor the role of key positions in the administration. These five people run
the entire Fairchild Wheeler Campus. There are no additional layers such as department heads like other schools in Bridgeport. Secondly, they lack the understanding of interdistrict grant funding
guidelines regarding diversity and curriculum. We are requesting a complete audit of both Discovery Interdistrict Magnet and Fairchild Wheeler Campus Interdistrict Schools from the Bridgeport Board of Education. Nothing the BBOE has supplied accounts for the full budget of these schools. All funds granted to the interdistrict schools should be returned immediately. The Principals should control the funds to ensure that interdistrict grants and funds are used as intended.

Considerable Federal, State, and municipal interdistrict money have gone into establishing these
schools and due to the recent actions of the Bridgeport Board of Education and belligerent comments by Members of the Board, interdistrict enrollment is down. This affects our magnet status, funding, and our students, especially Bridgeport students. The State kicks in an additional $3,000 per Bridgeport student at FCW, in addition to $8,125 in ESG grants, to ensure interdistrict success.

Our Interdistrict Schools bring in money to the Bridgeport School System and provides a successful and positive option for many Bridgeport students who are considering a STEM profession. Destroying interdistrict enrollment actually hurts and damages a promising school for all of our students.


Dile a la Junta de Educación de Bridgeport:

• No se aplican recortes al personal administrativo, a los directores - Dr. Victor Black, Dr. Michael Watson, y Mr. Jay Lipp; ni a los directores adjuntos - Beth Furnari, y Dave Henry

• No hay consolidación de escuelas interdistritales

• Devolver todo el dinero interdistrital

• Los directores deben controlar los fondos

Todos recordamos las acciones de la Junta de Educación de Bridgeport el otoño pasado y la carta de culminación final por el presidente John R. Weldon disculpándose por la erupción y la exhibición beligerante de uno de los miembros de la Junta, Maria Pereira, y luego confirmando, en diciembre que la Junta no cortaria personal en las Escuelas Interdistritales de Ciencias Magnet en el Fairchild Wheeler Campus. La superintendente Johnson y Weldon prometieron que, en el futuro, continuarían un diálogo con la comunidad escolar antes de actuar y anunciar cambios importantes que nos afectan negativamente. Bueno, ellos han decidido cambiar de dirección una vez más. La Junta ha decidido volver al plan original de cortar dos posiciones de principales y consolidar las escuelas secundarias en una sola; alternativamente, están considerando eliminar a los subdirectores. Ninguno de estos planes es aceptable para el funcionamiento de las Escuelas Magnet de Ciencias en el campus de Fairchild Wheeler.

Para aquellos que estuvimos en la reunión de diciembre pasado, tuvimos una discusión interesante con la  Superintendente Johnson y los miembros de la Junta Directiva sobre la eliminación de nuestros directores y la consolidación de nuestras tres escuelas magnet interdistritales en una como una medida de ahorro para la ciudad de Bridgeport, que contribuye $3,218 por estudiante de Bridgeport, uno de las contribuciones más bajas del estado. Expresamos preocupaciones sobre la consolidación y su impacto en el ranking de clase, admisión a la universidad y becas. Fairchild Wheeler ha mostrado resultados positivos en el logro de todos los estudiantes, y muchas universidades están tomando nota. Universidades impresionantes con becas están aceptando a nuestros estudiantes. La administración, los profesores, y los estudiantes están entregando resultados: 98% de graduación y 85% de admisión a la universidad.

El problema es que los miembros de la Junta no entienden cómo nuestras escuelas interdistritales funciónan, las leyes de la subvención, ni el papel de los puestos clave en la administración. Estas cinco personas (los directores y subdirectores) dirigen todo en el campus de Fairchild Wheeler. No hay capas adicionales como jefes de departamento como otras escuelas de Bridgeport. En segundo lugar, los miembros del a Junta no comprenden los requerimientos de las subvenciones entre distritos directrices sobre diversidad y currículum. Estamos solicitando una auditoría completa de Discovery Interdistrict Magnet School y Fairchild Wheeler Campus Interdistrict Schools de la Junta de  Educación de Bridgeport. Nada de lo que el BBOE ha suministrado representa el presupuesto total de estas escuelas. Todos los fondos  otorgados a las escuelas interdistritales deben ser devueltos inmediatamente. Los directores deben controlar los fondos para garantizar que las subvenciones y fondos interdistritales se utilicen según lo previsto. Se han destinado considerables fondos federales, estatales y municipales entre distritos para establecer estas escuelas y debido a las acciones recientes de la Junta de Educación de Bridgeport y los comentarios beligerantes por los miembros de la Junta, la inscripción interdistrital está baja. Esto afecta nuestro estado de Magnet, financiación, y nuestros estudiantes, especialmente los estudiantes de Bridgeport. El estado aporta $3,000 additionales por estudiante de Bridgeport en Fairchild Wheeler, además de $8,125 en becas ESG, para garantizar el éxito entre distritos.

Nuestras escuelas interdistritales aportan dinero al sistema escolar de Bridgeport y proporcionan una opción positiva para muchos estudiantes de Bridgeport que están considerando una profesión STEM. Destruyendo la inscripción entre distritos en realidad daña a una escuela prometedora para todos nuestros estudiantes.


The Bridgeport Board of Education has recently (three weeks ago) decided to vote on restructuring The Interdistrict Science Magnet Schools at The Fairchild Wheeler Campus (Fairchild Wheeler Magnet Schools) by: Consolidating Aerospace/Hydrospace Engineering and Physical Sciences High School, Biotechnology Research and Zoological Sciences High School and Information Technology Software Engineering High School to one interdistrict magnet school.
• Consolidating from three principals and two Assistant Principals to one head principal of the proposed interdistrict magnet school and three assistant principals to oversee the thematic academies (Aerospace, Biotechnology and Information Technology).

The students currently attending the three schools and their parents are against any restructuring.  The schools have been running  5+ years with the current system and it has created an environment where the students feel seen, heard and appreciated.  Consolidating the schools, among other things, would affect school ranking for students who have worked hard to be at the top of their class.  It would deter parents of children outside the Bridgeport School District from enrolling their children in The Fairchild Wheeler Campus, which in turn would affect Bridgeport students as the school may lose magnet school accreditation and funding. 

These schools have been a great addition to our community, not only for Bridgeport children, who now have the opportunity to attend a different kind of school where the focus is Science and the future, rather than get lost in the crowd at other Bridgeport Schools, but it has also been beneficial for surrounding towns where children are looking to attend a school focused on STEM and also want diversity. 

These schools, as they are running right now,  are a shining light for The City of Bridgeport.  We oppose the unnecessary change which we ultimately see as a harmful way to save a few bucks. This change and the firing of the beloved principals will cause loss of morale for most students and some may even choose to go back to their district school.    

The vote is to be tentatively held on December 10, at a meeting at the Aquaculture School in Bridgeport, which starts at 6:30 PM. Parents are welcome to express they views on restructuring the school.  If the vote is not put on the agenda for that night, it may be held on December 17.