Tell Sedona Government to Stop Paying for Tourism Marketing and Product Development.

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The Sedona City Government has been funding private entities (Sedona Chamber) for Tourism Marketing and Product Development in the MILLIONS. Since 2013 $8,623,708 has gone to the chamber from the City without any checks or balances. The City increased the Bed-Tax under the recommendation of the Chamber & made it a law gifting the regional-chamber 55% of ALL city Bed Taxes. While the hotels owners that collect those taxes were not informed. 75% of the Chamber membership is outside the city limits. Only 26 of the Chambers 1,000 members are collecting these bed taxes. This year over 2.5 million has been paid to the Chamber. 

The quality of life, quality of stay for tourists, and quality of business is rapidly declining. Traffic is holding us all hostage. 

We want Greater SEDONA back from GOVERNMENT overreach!  

STOP FUNDING the CHAMBER or any other Tourism Marketing group! 

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