Tell RI Dem 2nd Vice Chair Joseph DeLorenzo to Resign

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We started this petition on October 15, 2017 after 2nd Vice Chair Joseph DeLorenzo lashed out at fellow Democrats with inflammatory comments in the Providence Journal. These comments suggested unacceptable attitudes that are wholly incompatible with being in a position of leadership in the Democratic Party and out-of-touch with Rhode Islanders. DeLorenzo then proceeded to grandstand on these views in a series of talk radio interviews.

During the week, DeLorenzo not only doubled down on his attacks on Democrats, including Governor Raimondo, he sang the praises of Donald Trump and some Rhode Island Republicans. Most disturbing of all, he made an extended series of demeaning and insensitive comments about people of color and about women, culminating with mocking and belittling Rep. Teresa Tanzi after her revelations about sexual harassment. At the end of the week, DeLorenzo was defiant, rather than remorseful. He repeated his claims that “everything today is sexual harassment,” and lied about his earlier statements, saying “I never, never, never mentioned any gender or female!”

After a week of radio silence from RI Democratic Party Chair McNamara, Mr. DeLorenzo has since issued an insincere apology in which he seems sorry only for having caused a controversy. His full statement can be found in the RI NPR article linked below. 

Mr. DeLorenzo’s insincere apology has done nothing to show us that he intends to be reflective about this situation and change his future behavior, comments, or actions. He also appears to stand by the sexism and racism in his original comments, as he told talk radio at the end of the week.

Even more troubling is the fact that RI Speaker of House and Chair of the Democratic Party think this halfhearted apology is enough!  Perhaps the reason an apology is enough for the Speaker can be found in the statement DeLorenzo made on the Joe DePetro Show on October 16, 2017:

 “Nick had a real tough race last time.  And he’s very fortunate to have won the race.  And I think I’ve told him this.  There were a couple of issues that never surfaced in that race, that if they had surfaced, Nick would have got beat.  He would have got beat.  You know, maybe someday I would tell you privately, off the record what they were.  And you know what you would say to me: ‘Joe you’re absolutely right.'”

Perhaps this explains the hypocrisy, during the same week the Speaker said sexual harassment has no place in the State House, he allows DeLorenzo to stay in his leadership role?  What message does this send to the good old boys’ network of Rhode Island leadership?  It means it’s still politics as usual! 

The RI Democratic Women’s Caucus is now doing the hard work to build the momentum within the party to force DeLorenzo’s removal. They need your voices to make this happen. Here is how you can help:

***Keep sharing this petition and growing this petition.

***Call the Speaker of the House at 401-222-2466 and tell him DeLorenzo needs to resign for his sexist and racist comments.

***Call the RI Democratic Party Chair at 401-272-3367 and tell him DeLorenzo needs to resign for his sexist and racist comments. 

Original Providence Journal Article:

RI Future Article:

DeLorenzo’s apology with responses from the Speaker of the House, Chair of the RI Democratic Party, and the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus:


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