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Tell Ozark Empire Fair: Stop Sea Lion Cruelty!

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The Ozark Empire Fair is featuring a new "attraction" for 2018 -- the Sea Lion Splash show. This traveling animal show is no life for a sea lion, and the facts below support this assessment. Together, let's tell the Ozark Empire Fair that the people of Springfield do NOT support such blatant acts of animal abuse. 

The organizers of Sea Lion Splash have demonstrated a long history of violating the Animal Welfare Act, as documented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The below citations are from an official USDA report in 2016:

  • A May 2016 inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture resulted in one direct and six indirect violations of Sea Lion Splash. 
  • The USDA inspection of five sea lions at one of their performance locations showed three of the animals exhibiting signs of painful eye conditions attributed to water quality. One sea lion had a cloudy eye, two others were consistently squinting or holding an eye shut.
  • Other violations included a metal bar leeching rust into a pool, keeping the animals for too long in a smaller pool, improper water testing and treatment, lack of access to saltwater as previously prescribed by a veterinarian, lack of required documentation of veterinary examinations, and inadequate training for employees.
  • A former employee cited that animals were routinely abused with poles and pipes during training sessions
  • Six sea lions were once kept together during transit in a small pool without food or water changes for three days.

For these reasons, I, along with hundreds of others (and growing) are urging representatives of the Ozark Empire Fair to please reconsider supporting the cruel Sea Lion Splash show.