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Tell North Carolina Government Officials, Ban the Inhumane Gassing of Dogs & Cats NOW!

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Gassing homeless dogs and cats to death is painful, cruel, and barbaric. It should be illegal in every state-in every country. Historically, this inhumane method of killing was used by the Nazis, and to this day is not allowed even for the punishment of our most severe serial killers. 

In many shelters, this cruel method of “euthanasia” involves placing animals in a gas chamber without sedation where they suffocate to death. In some pounds, cats are piled in with dogs, small dogs are mixed in with large dogs, and they all fight each other for the last breath of air.

The truth is, the great majority of pets killed in gas chambers are very adoptable and not sick or injured. They are perfectly healthy but it is easier to kill them than to care for them and find them new homes. For some it is a matter of convenience so they can get rid of many animals at a time--without requiring a vet to be on staff.

The photo above shows the gas chamber at Gaston County Animal Shelter in Dallas, NC. Photo credit: Michael Hensdill. Source: From what has been written this particular facility it has an extremely high kill rate for cats and kittens. Not acceptable!

According to an animal rescuer,

"Gaston bases whether a cat/kitty is labeled in their 'remarks' based on when these cats arrive at Gaston animal control. Gaston is not a shelter, Gaston is animal control at it's WORST. Newly arrived kitties are permanenly branded with characteristics that are not necessarily accurate. A 'feral' cat is gassed, an 'aggressive' cat is gassed, and many 'shy' cats are never adopted and end up being euthanized when indeed it has been found that many of these cats are not "feral," not 'aggressive,' and certainly not 'shy.' THEY ARE 'TERRIFIED'!

Gaston decides that these cats and kittens are 'unadoptable', and completely ignores the fact that they are 'scared out of their wits' and under great stress from being dumped at this hostile animal control. This is not a shelter.... These labels represent a death sentence--once cats are branded 'too thin' or 'too shy', etc., they are automatically scheduled for euthanasia.

Because of this, many adoptable cats and kittens literally never see the light of day, nor have a fair shot at exposure to possible adopters. Gaston's kill rate for cats and kittens is higher than 95 percent - meaning more than 95 percent of all cats and kittens at the shelter are euthanized no matter what."

Please sign this petition and send a letter to North Carolina government officials to tell them to put an end to this NOW.



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