No Release for Mass-Murderer Nehemiah Griego

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TO: Governor of the State of New Mexico; New Mexico Attorney General; Judge John J. Romero Jr.; and any other state entities/officials involved in processing the mass-murderer Nehemiah Griego

We the residents and taxpayers of the State of New Mexico, along with other citizens of the United States, petition the State of New Mexico to reverse the decision to release mass-murderer Nehemiah Griego when he turns 21. He is a mass-murderer who premeditated and cold-bloodedly carried out the executions of his father Gregory Griego (age 51), his mother Sarah Griego (age 40), and his three younger Griego siblings: his brother Zephaniah (age 9), his sisters Jael (age 5) and Angelina (age 2), by shooting them in the head in January 2013. Nehemiah Griego confessed, has shown himself to be a predatory yet cowardly killer, without remorse, and pled guilty.

Not only did he slaughter his entire household of family members, afterwards Nehemiah Griego had plans to conduct mass shootings among the public, and did indeed go to his neighborhood Walmart at Coors Blvd SW and Rio Bravo with reloaded rifles and a stockpile of ammunition. At his 12-year-old girlfriend’s urging, Nehemiah Griego had intentions to kill her parents also. Nehemiah Griego is a proven and confessed mass murderer with the desire to kill off people at random, causing in his words, “mass destruction.” The magnitude of his crimes and threat to the surviving family members and the general public was not adequately factored into Judge Romero’s rulings in early 2016 regarding Nehemiah Griego. It is not acceptable that such a dangerous killer be released and his criminal records expunged, so he would be free to purchase firearms.

We the people demand protection from this mass-murderer who poses an immense threat to the public. We also demand justice for the Griegos, both the slain and the surviving relatives. Nehemiah Griego needs to remain incarcerated for the rest of his life so he can never again kill unsuspecting citizens. He needs to serve adult time for his adult crimes; as were the recommendations of the February 2013 Grand Jury considering his murder spree.
NOTE: See an early video news report: . For additional information and/or learn about any planned protests, visit the Facebook community page, No Release for Nehemiah Griego (FYI: the related NoReleaseForNehemiah .org & .com websites have been discontinued.