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Fur coats have been given away as beauty pageant prizes for years. Bob Barker quit as host over 20 years ago because of the fur giveaways and, despite the decline in popularity, Miss USA and other pageants continue to ally themselves with the fur industry. The preliminary event for Miss Florida USA 2011 was met by protests because of the Fur Information Council of America sponsorship.

Although the pageant industry claims that competitions have evolved to empower women and judge them on personality and intelligence, the pageant culture still focuses on misogyny, and the prizes promote cruelty. 

Tell Miss USA to stop objectifying women and animals, and start promoting compassion.

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Letter to
The Miss Universe Organization
Miss USA and other pageants have worked hard to update the image of beauty competitions, to show they've evolved into events that empower women. However, as long as pageants continue to promote cruelty by supporting the fur industry, these competitions will continue to be seen as outdated celebrations of vanity.

I urge you to distance Miss USA competitions from the cruelty of fur by refusing to accept sponsorship from industry groups, like the Fur Information Council of America, and by no longer allowing fur coats to be given away to contestants.

Over 50 million animals suffer and die every year for fur. Many of them are skinned alive or electrocuted after spending their lives in small cages, or they're caught in the wild in painful traps. There are humane, fashionable alternatives. More and more retailers and designers are choosing compassion and I urge you to do the same.

Many people boycott industries that support the cruelty of fur, but you can show that Miss USA is concerned about compassion and inner beauty. Please help end the suffering by keeping fur out of beauty pageants.

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