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Tell Gov. Jan Brewer to Veto AZ's Ban on Ethnic Studies Classes


Arizona's State Legislature recently passed HB 2281, which would ban ethnic studies classes from being taught in the state's K-12 public and charter schools. Governor Jan Brewer is scheduled to sign the bill on May 11th.

Sign this petition to protect Arizona's ethnic studies programs and demand that Jan Brewer veto HB 2281.

Letter to
Arizona Governor
Recently, the Arizona State Legislature passed HB 2281, which would ban the teaching of any class that "advocates ethnic solidarity" or targets "pupils of a particular ethnic group" in Arizona's public and charter K-12 schools. In effect, this legislation would ban all ethnic studies classes and programs in Arizona's public schools at the K-12 level.

I strongly urge you to veto HB 2281.

Contrary to the wording of HB 2281, ethnic studies programs do not incite "resentment" towards groups of people, nor do they fail to treat students as "individuals". Non-White students often complain that "regular" classes fail to address the experiences and contributions of communities of colour. Ethnic studies programs address these gaps in traditional education by focusing on the history, narratives and literature of non-mainstream communities, exposing all students to much-needed diversity in their education. Such classes serve to prepare Arizona's students to consider issues of race and identity upon graduation, both in higher education and in their future lives.

Arizona already suffers by ranking last in the nation when it comes to education. Please do not further diminish the quality of Arizona's public education by allowing HB 2281 to remove ethnic studies programs from the state's K-12 schools.

Again, I strongly urge you to veto HB 2281 before May 11th.

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