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Several local and national groups took the City of Detroit and the Wayne County Treasurer's Office to court in order to fight for homeowners facing foreclosures and auctions. Detroit failed to make property tax exemptions ("Poverty Exemptions") accessible to Detroit homeowners, leading to thousands of occupied homes being foreclosed on each year.

On July 2nd, the city agreed to a settlement. The settlement would allow homeowners to buy back their homes before the auction if they can show they would have qualified for a poverty exemption.

There are about 1,500 OCCUPIED HOMES who are at risk of being auctioned off, most of whom would likely qualify for a poverty exemption. 

Residents only have until July 13 to gather pages upon pages of documentation -- everything from deeds, medical records, utility bills, tax returns, and children's report cards. All these documents have to be processed by the United Community Housing Coalition, which is facing a severe staffing shortage.

The City of Detroit quickly responded to community demands and submitted a formal request to extend the deadline. Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree has to approve the extension. We DEMAND extends the application deadline in order to give residents enough time to gather documents and process their application with the United Community Housing Coalition.

CALL: (313) 224-5990

EMAIL: taxinfo@waynecounty.com