Petition update

Big update! Ben and Jerry’s Now “Working On” a Vegan Ice Cream!

Jenny Foy and Doug Reed
Charlottesville, VA

Apr 15, 2015 — Hi everyone,

Big progress to report.

Thanks to all of you who went to Ben and Jerry's scoop shops across the country today on #FreeConeDay to ask Ben and Jerry's to add vegan ice cream! Ben and Jerry's official Twitter account responded by saying "We hear your feedback and share your dream. We're working on it."

This is great to hear and you all deserve credit for this step in the right direction. Let's continue putting the pressure on Ben and Jerry's to act soon. The Summer is quickly approaching!

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Thank them for working on a vegan ice cream and ask when we can expect to try it! Let them know what flavors you'd like to see veganized and share the petition.

We’re getting close, we can almost taste it.


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