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I've been busy on the email.

Daniel Braddock
Telford, ENG, United Kingdom

May 20, 2015 — So I put together an email for all the local Councillors I have email addresses for and sent them the following text . . .

Dear Cllr,

Firstly I would like to offer my congratulations on your recent election. I always think that anyone who gives up time to serve the community in this way deserves the public’s support.

The main reason I am writing to you is about the Southwater Development and recent discussions that have been taking place on social media about it.

I believe that proposals are being considered for a small patch of land between the lake and the Wildwood Kitchen to be developed into 115 apartments and several retail units. To accommodate this level of occupation the building would need to be at least 4 stories high.

The fear is that this would ruin the whole development and make it feel cramped and claustrophobic.

I would therefore like to propose the following idea to you for consideration.

The land be made available for public use rather than commercial development. Local community groups could make use of the space for fairs, fetes and other events. This would in turn attract people to Southwater and make it feel more like a centre for the community.

For users of the restaurants and hotels that overlook the stretch of land they would have an unobstructed view of the lake and park during their visit.

I would also like to propose that the Telford sculpture that languishes outside the courts is moved to this green area to create a landmark that stamps an identity on the development. If you were to show a picture of the development to somebody there is nothing to suggest that this modern exciting development is in Telford.

This sculpture would literally put Telford at the heart of the development and preserve an area of land for use of the people.

I understand this is not a straightforward situation and not developing this land may have an impact on housing levels, but once this land has been built on it is gone and we will have lost the opportunity to create an something special at the heart of Telford.

I would like to direct your attention to an online petition which I have set up to gauge support for preserving this green space. You can access it via this link. I have also included a diagram to help you visualise the location.

I look forward to hearing any views you may have on my suggestion.


Dan Braddock

Each email was addressed personally to each Councillor and I have already had my first response.

How can we take this forward?

Well I hope to meet with a Councillor next week to discuss protecting the land in some way.

What can you do?

Share the petition more on facebook, twitter and by email. We have had a great start and we have done it without getting out of our seats.

If you would like to email or write to your local Councillor then please do so. They are our representatives and they are there for our benefit.

I will also be writing to the two borough MP's to gain their support.

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