Get ‘GROJBAND’ a Season 2 before it’s TOO LATE

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The Canadian cartoon ‘Grojband’ was not renewed for a second season, though it definitely deserves it.

It has come to my concern that another petition around the same subject matter and goal has been attempted before and had stated that with 200k signatures the show could be renewed. We need to get the attention of a network to pick it up.

Personal story
I’m a simple girl from Canada who believes that Grojband deserves to have at least a second season. The show has been a part of my life for around five years now, and I am still baffled that it didn’t meet the ratings it needed. It is a silly cartoon aimed at a young demographic, but I believe that it is unique to its category and should be renewed. With the interesting songs, characters, and storylines, the show is overall a blast to watch. It did a good job for what it was going for. If you are a fan of the show and are reading this right now, PLEASE share this wherever you can. 200,000 signatures is a lot for this small show, so anything counts. I believe that this is possible.

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