Bring affordable Internet Connections in Sri Lanka for everyone.

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The world is moving rapidly towards Internet of Things(IoT) and all aspects especially industries like finance and Insurance add 'Tech' as last-names to call their future as 'FinTech' and 'InsureTech' respectively. Smart Devices which are connected to internet are making our lives easier and Cloud based services are growing at immense pace where the cost of hiring Internet services can be cheaper than owning something. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword now and driverless cars aren’t fictional no more thanks to Internet and Technology. Internet has undoubtfully changed every single industry one way or the other and it is continuing to produce more innovative ways to solve human problems every day.

As a developing nation and having so many bright minds in the countries bringing an affordable internet to everyone in Sri Lanka is something that can make our nation grow faster. Internet can be used in education and more and more online courses are being put online where anyone can self-teach themselves additional skills and make themselves more employable or even start their own business.

However, having a sustainable internet connection which can last until end of each month without running out of data is a luxury in Sri Lanka as companies like Dialog and SLT selling data connection at high prices and charging 31% as tax from consurmer on already expensive connection packages. When compared to India and their growth in IT industry and the cost of internet we can see a strong connection that internet has helped their country to produce true IT professionals who are employed worldwide and it has helped them to increase their GDP.

Internet might not be a necessity like food or water however, internet is something that should be made affordable to everyone to take advantage of this internet era and encourage everyone around the country to grow together.

This petition is will help getting the attention of Telecommunication Regulatory Commission in Sri Lanka to not to see the telecommunication industry as a tax revenue generating industry but as an industry which can help to grow our nation by making their services affordable.

Funfact the most expensive city in the world, London has unlimited internet connections from £20 (LKR 4,000) where average salary per month is around £2,000(LKR 400,000) but in Sri Lanka where average salary per person is only LKR 40,000 the 45GB internet connection costs LKR 3800. (source Dialog).