Save dth installation costs and easy to port to other dth operator if TV's have ci module

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These days many people are facing a lot of troubles with dth providers, if one wants to take dth tv connection, he needs to take a set top box. So, if one wants to switch to other dth operator, he should always take new box and pay charges for it. If all the televisions sold here have a ci slot (CAM module-Contitional access module). It simply means a slot to keep smart card to view the tv

Now, this CI module if it was in led tvs there is no need of buying additional equipment set top box, Check for more about CI module. 

CI module is just a slot for keeping smart card directly in the TV slot. So, you no need to purchase set top box for watching. Just a dish enough. So, you could save 1500 Rs almost by not taking set top box. 

By this you can change to other dth operator very easily without paying more charges, as if you switch dth, you already have antenna in your home, just antenna realignment and changing smart card in your ci slot gets you access to your new dth connection., and also if you change to other dth operator most people throw their set top boxes aside,. As this happened mostly when people using SD set top box changed to HD set top box of other operators. They pay Rs 1500-2500 depends upon the dth operator. 

Advantages if CI module is there in tv need to take set top box. 

2.Less installation costs, only cost for dish antenna for first time dth user. It will be less than Rs 500. 

3.Tv remote is only needed to control channels. No need of any extra remote

4. Easy to change dth operator. Only Rs 200 Enough to change to other dth operator. 

In foreign countries most of the TV's have ci module inbuilt. But here we see only 4-5 TV's having that inbuilt ci slot. But this should change. Dth operators and television manufacturers should tie up and make this happen. My goal is every tv selling here should have inbuilt ci slot