Petition to approve Tehama Ridge resident Mike Jason's new roof.

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We, residents of the Tehama Ridge Community located in Fort Worth Texas, petition the Tehama Ridge HOA on behalf of Mike Jason (hereafter referred to as "Homeowner"), a Tehama Ridge Resident,  to allow Homeowner's newly installed roof to be approved and accepted as is immediately and that the Tehama Ridge HOA cease their actions against the Homeowner. 

As fellow residents, we believe the color of the new roof does not affect Tehama Ridge home values negatively. We also believe the new roof is aesthetically pleasing and blends in nicely with the surrounding homes.  There are at least 30 other homes with the same or similar color roof in Tehama Ridge.  

We, the residents of Tehama Ridge, fully support Homeowner and highly encourage and recommend that the Tehama Ridge HOA approve Homeowner's new roof immediately.  

 Thank you for considering our petition.

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