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Protect our Pets

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Protect Our Pets! 


In recent days with temperatures  plummeting, the community has been outraged with dogs crying for help to get out of the cold and neglected. Other animals being allowed to remain outside in the cold and the heat is unacceptable!  It's an outrage, inhumane and wrong to leave a domesticated animal out in the elements whether it is hot or cold!  The law that is in place allows this uncivilized treatment to take place and this needs to change today! It effects our neighborhood, our community and most importantly effects the animal. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Also, as a witness to the torture of an animals neglect our present law does not allow intervention without prosecution.  This needs to change!  We would intervene if a child was being abused or neglected and throw caution to the wind. Isn't any suffering creature worth helping, protecting, saving? 

The days of flimsy shelters, lack of clean, safe provisions must end!  Domesticated animals are a part of our families and deserve our love, respect and a proper home!! If your animals can't remain indoors and need to be outdoors, there should be a time limit. Shelters should be constructed with proper material that is crack free, waterproof and windproof. It should be 3 inches off the ground, the roof slanted and level sturdy flooring. When the temperature is 39 degrees and below, animals must be INDOORS as well as temperature above 85.

Its time to take much better care of our pets. This is the least we can do!  Together we can make the change happen!


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