How to Import EML to Gmail – Complete Guidance

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 If you are looking a solution for solving “how to import EML to Gmail, G Suite (Google Apps), how to open .eml files Google Gmail, how to open EML file in Gmail” related queries then stop your search because here I am giving complete guidance for solving these issues.

Know How to Import EML to Gmail?

There is a software named EML to Gmail Converter available in the online market which is specially designed to convert EML to Gmail/G Suite (Google Apps) directly including attachments. The tool comes with free demo edition which gives freedom to import maximum 10 .eml files to Gmail so users can test this software free of cost.

What Are EML Files?

EML is a file extension to save emails messages, several email clients save and export email messages in the .eml format, for example, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Zimbra, The Bat!, etc. Sometimes users save their important email messages into EML format as the backup.

Why DO Convert EML to Gmail?

If someone has important emails backup in .eml format and he wants to move EML files to Gmail because it present time most of the internet users use Gmail to send and receive the email message.

If someone using .eml file format supportable email client like Windows Live Mail and he want to transfer his email in Gmail because Gmail is a cloud-based email client that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Some users want to import EML Mails to Gmail because Gmail provides upgrade facility to its users as G Suite (Google Apps) so users can open their corporate email id (for example - in Google Mail.

Gmail provides many advanced features so a lot of users want to move on Gmail…

Benefits of Gmail ID

  • Most trustworthy email service provider
  • Cloud-based email service so it can be used from any location
  • It can be used with different types of devices – Mobile, Computer, Laptop
  • Gmail can be run on any Operating Systems like – Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Gmail comes with upgrade facility like G suite which is helpful to access corporate email IDs without
  • Free of cost email service

EML to Gmail Converter Features

  • This EML to Gmail Converter is able to import EML Mails to Gmail directly without import/export process
  • There is no size limitation to move EML files to Gmail, it converts EML to Gmail in bulk
  • It is capable to upload EML to Gmail with attachments
  • It also allows to convert EML to G Suite (Google Apps)
  • It maintains folders and subfolders structure

How to Import EML to Gmail – Steps

  1. After download and install run the tool
  2. Load .eml files or folder having .eml files
  3. Provide Gmail account login details and click on Convert button
  4. Uploaded EML to Gmail successfully


I hope, after reading above information queries like – “How to import EML to Gmail, how to open .eml files in Google Gmail, how to open EML file in Gmail” has been solved.