Teaching Council/Department of Education to recognise Chinese language as a subject

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China has a population of over 1.35 billion, the potential consumer market in China offers enormous opportunities for enterprises around the world.  China is not the only country in which Chinese (AKA Mandarin) is the official language. Countries such as Singapore and Taiwan which have a combined population of 36 million also speak Chinese as their official language. Furthermore, 80% of the Japanese characters (Kanji) express the same meanings as Chinese. Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world in 2017. Taiwan and Singapore which ranked 22nd and 40th respectively (World GDP ranking, 2017).

Five English speaking countries (UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) have established the importance of learning Chinese for decades. It has been ten years since the first post-primary school in Ireland took on a Chinese course. Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education was published in December 2017 and prioritises Chinese in the implementation plan.  The teaching council in Ireland is currently registering 98,000 teachers in 37 subjects annually. However, Chinese has not yet been a recognised subject.

This petition is aiming to get official recognition of Chinese as a subject by the teaching council of Ireland in order to get as many teachers teaching Chinese as a subject in all areas such as primary, post-primary, private, extra curriculum and Chinese heritage schools as possible.


五个英语系国家(英国,美国,澳大利亚,纽西兰和加拿大)已经公认学习中文的重要性几十年了。爱尔兰第一所中学开办中文课程已经有十年了。爱尔兰的外语教育策略于2017年12月发布,中文在实施计划中占首项。 爱尔兰教学委员会目前每年由37个科目注册98,000名教师。不过,中文课程还未被认可。



五個英語系國家(英國,美國,澳大利亞,紐西蘭和加拿大)已經公認學習中文的重要性幾十年了。愛爾蘭第一所中學開辦中文課程已經有十年了。愛爾蘭的外語教育策略于2017年12月發布,中文在實施計劃中占首項。 愛爾蘭教學委員會目前每年由37個科目注冊98,000名教師。不過,中文課程還未被認可。