Stop the K to 12 program!

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Stop the K to 12 program!

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We urge all Filipino students, teachers, parents, concerned citizens and organizations to join the call to immediately stop President Noynoy Aquino’s K to 12 program.

Under K-12, the Filipino youth will spend 1 year in kindergarten, 6 years in elementary, 4 years in junior high school and additional 2 years in senior high school. The additional 2 years in senior high will be devoted to “specializing” in academic, sports, arts and design, or technical-vocational livelihood subjects. 

In the face of its full implementation in June 2016, we are steadfast in our call to stop the K-12 program because of the following points:  

1.    K-12 will increase joblessness and depress wages, reinforce labor export 

We believe that K-12 is not a solution to unemployment in the country. 

No less than the government says that one aim of K-12 is to have “employable” Filipino youths graduate at the age of 18—the legal age to enter into a labor contract. Joining K-12 graduates to the ocean of unemployed and underemployed (which now stands at 11.2 million) and bringing down the age of the employable pool will increase joblessness in the country and lower the value of Filipino labor. 

K-12 will also only produce more Mary Jane Velosos from the ranks of the unemployed and lowly-paid workers. At least 596,000 are expected to take K-12’s technical-vocational livelihood track. K-12 is engineered to serve the government’s labor export policy, its stop-gap solution to severe joblessness in the country. A closer look at the program will tell that K-12 skills or knowledge are actually meant for overseas employment. Today, at least 6,092 Filipinos leave the country to work abroad. 

Also, the mere nationwide rollout of K-12 will displace 78,000 teaching and non-teaching personnel and will serve the rampant contractualization in the education sector.   

2.     K-12 will only bring additional burdens to Filipino youth and their parents 

We believe that K-12 will only make students and their parents bear the brunt of the high costs of education and annual increases in tuition and other school fees. K-12 will further privatize and commercialize education.

At least 850,000 senior high school students are expected to study in state universities and private schools offering senior high, where education  is not free. Tuition for senior high in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, a state university, costs P16,000. On the other hand, tuition fees for senior high in private schools range from P22,500 to P35,000 and even up to P70,000.

Because K-12 graduates can immediately start working, the government renders college education as non-essential, a luxury or reserved only for advanced studies. This will only serve the government’s policy of reducing, to a complete cut off of, public spending for state universities and colleges. The government will all the more abandon tertiary education to businessmen owning private schools, who even now are raking in billions in profits from annual increases in tuition and other school fees. 

These will only increase the number of drop outs both in elementary and secondary levels and tertiary level which currently stand at 4 million and 2.3 million respectively. 

3.    K-12 will worsen current education woes

We believe that K-12 is not the solution to low-quality education. This program will aggravate instead the country’s education crisis. 

Education experts in an in-country study “Length of School Cycle and the Quality of Education” concluded that there is “no basis” behind the claim that lengthening the education cycle will improve quality of education.    

Even without K-12, the government’s budgetary allocation for education could not even address the severe lack of classrooms, teachers, textbooks, desks, sanitation and water facilities, and other basic needs. Touting K-12 as a solution to the poor quality of education is actually a feeble attempt to cover up a more glaring fact: that low-quality of education is a result of the government’s grave insufficient allocation of funds and foreign-dictated policies. 

Clearly, K-12 will bring no benefits, to the Filipino youth, parents, teachers and workers whether in the short or long term. What we need is a nationalist and pro-people educational system, one that serves the Filipino people’s aspirations for full human and national development. 






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