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Sign the Charter for Teach for Good

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If you support these principles and are prepared to fight for
them in any and every way you can, please sign underneath.

We are good. We do good. We're in it for good.

  • We have sharp minds, strong hearts, and a courageous spirit. We are rigorously trained and well prepared.
  • We support our students and we challenge them to be their best.
  • We have a moral commitment to make a positive difference in our students’ lives.
  • We go the extra mile for students who struggle the most.
  • We are not driven by pressures to raise test scores but by the passion to help our students’ succeed, to push the frontiers of their understanding and mastery, and to help them mature into better people.
  • We persist despite all obstacles.
  • We know our work is as professionally challenging as medicine, architecture and law.
  • We develop our own and own colleagues’ professional capital continuously, over the course of the career.
  • We inquire into our practice so we can improve it.
  • We respect knowledge, wisdom and evidence as a basis for our work.
  • We value being a collaborative profession. We help our colleagues, we learn from them, and we share collective responsibility with them for all students’ success
  • We treat parents as partners because they are their children’s first educators.
  • We are champions and defenders of our profession in private and in public.
  • We support and challenge our leaders to do the right thing for our students
  • We plan to be teachers of children, youth or adults for our entire career.

We are good, we do good, and we’re here for good. That’s what makes us teachers.

Andy Hargreaves
Teacher at Boston College

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