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Save Father John Redmond's Congregated AP and RAP Programs

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There are proposed boundary changes for students to get into the Congregated Advanced Placement program (CAP) and Regional Arts Program (RAP) at Father John Redmond. This will severely impact enrollment into these programs and impact the exceptional staff and established programs.

Please look at the list of proposed boundary changes located in the Resources link below from the TCDSB:

How will these changes impact Redmond?

The only elementary schools that can apply to Congregated AP are:

-Christ The King                                -St. Teresa

-St. Ambrose                                     -The Holy Trinity

-St. Leo

 The only elementary schools that can apply to RAP are:

-Christ The King                                                               

-Holy Angels                                      -St. Gregory

-Josyf Cardinal Slipyj                        -St. Leo

-Mother Cabrini                                -St. Louis

-Nativity of Our Lord                        -St. Marcellus

-Our Lady of Peace                         -St. Teresa

-St. Ambrose                                    -The Holy Trinity

-St. Clement                                     -Transfiguration

-St. Dorothy                                     -St.Elizabeth

Impacts to Congregated Advanced Placement:

·      the proposed boundary changes will allow only four elementary schools to apply into the AP program

·      teachers have worked exceptionally hard to establish the program

·      this would severely negatively impact the AP program as well as limit the staff and education at Father John Redmond

Impacts to the Regional Arts Program:

·      the proposed changes limits elementary schools that can apply to the RAP program


Imagine being limited or denied of your education at Father John Redmond because of the location of your elementary school. A large majority of Redmond’s former and current student population comes from outside of these proposed boundaries.

Extend the boundaries for Father John Redmond:

·      Redmond is the only school in the TCDSB that offers both CAP and RAP

·      This fosters a unique community of students who are high achievers and want to take courses at the AP level and also have a passion for the arts

·      This opportunity should not be limited to very few students in the TCDSB

 What can you do?

We encourage students, alumni, teachers, parents, and community members to take a stand against these changes that targets the specialized programs and staff at Father John Redmond.

Please complete the online TCDSB survey. The survey is very general however it is very important to fill in the comment sections and fill in your concerns directly related to the changes for Father John Redmond. The last day to complete the survey is May 16th.

A decision by the TCDSB is being made very soon, therefore it is important to voice our concerns to the school board, superintendents, and board trustees.

Please also voice your concerns to TCDSB representatives by emailing them

1. Angela Gauthier (Director of Education)

2. Douglas Yack (Superintendent)          

3. Ann Andrachuk (School Trustee)          

4. Mark Grimes (Councillor for Etobicoke Lakeshore)

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