Cancel Music Festival at Tayto Park Zoo

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Tayto Park houses zoo animals in the middle of a theme park with rollercoasters and screaming visitors. If that wasn't bad enough for these captive animals Tayto Park is holding a 2 day music festival for 10,000 visitors on the 29th and 30th of June. These visitors will have access to the zoo during the music festival.

The ISPCA and Born Free Foundation say animals living in the amusement park’s zoo are likely to suffer considerable stress due to the loud music at the FunFest music festival. Tayto Park have never held an event like this before and can't predict how the animals will react.

The groups have written to the local authority, Meath County Council, saying it is irresponsible to allow the musical festival to go ahead, stating that zoos have a duty to protect the animals in their care.

“The ISPCA is very disappointed that Meath County Council has ignored the concerns of captive animal welfare experts and have given the go-ahead for this event,” said the charity’s chief executive Dr Andrew Kelly.

Dr Chris Draper, head of animal welfare and captivity at Born Free, said the organisation is “extremely concerned” to learn the festival is going ahead.

“Once the festival begins, there will be little that can be done to protect any animals that become stressed,” he said.

“Zoos and local councils must give more thought to the type of events they permit to take place in future, and prioritise animal welfare over profit.”

We call on organisers and the Local Authority to cancel this event. Radio station 2FM is promoting and covering the event for national broadcaster RTE and should rethink their involvement.

Please sign this petition to tell all involved that animal welfare is more important than profit. I appreciate every signature, thank you.