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Tasmania (Australia): ancient forests to be cleared for transmission lines

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North-west Tasmania’s landscapes; land of ancient myrtle and sassafras forests, cradled by rugged mountains, gullies filled with giant man ferns standing up to 15 meters tall (50ft); eerie growls of Tasmanian Devils fill the night air; Gondwanaland. It’s like nowhere else on earth.

This peace is about to be shattered if a foreign-owned company gets their way. Bulldozers will clear a 170-km-long 60-m-wide swathe. 50-m high shiny galvanised steel towers will hold 220 kV transmission lines. Critically endangered wedge-tailed eagles will stand no chance.

The proponent of this environmental vandalism is UPC, a Hongkong-based foreign-owned company.  Instead of choosing a socially optimal and environmentally friendly sub-marine + underground transmission alternative, they are hell-bent on exploiting the lowest-cost option, regardless of the consequences. They are putting private profits and foreign shareholder returns ahead of the environmental assets of the region, and the livelihoods and wellbeing of the communities that rely on them. In pursuit of quick returns, they will impair a prospering nature-based tourism industry which supports enduring local jobs in this remote region.

Despite the UPC mission statement proclaiming their environmental credentials and their innovative solutions, they are pursuing antiquated technology that is anathema to sustainable and responsible development. Yet, the transmission line will carry "green" wind-generated power--but this is no excuse for destroying our precious and irreplaceable natural assets!

Please send UPC the message of ‘hands off our reserves, forests and canyons’.

By signing this petition, you will also send a message to Will Hodgman, the Tasmanian Premier, that good corporate citizenship requires socially and environmentally optimal solutions not profit at the expense of Tasmania's precious wilderness, which belongs to all of us.

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