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Coeliac Friendly Restaurants/ Cafe's

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1 in 100 people across the UK suffers from coeliac disease. As someone who suffers from coeliac, I am unable to process any gluten, which is contained in wheat, barley, oats and rye.

If I ingest even a tiny amount of gluten I experience the worst pain that I have ever felt as if someone has stabbed my abdomen and is twisting the knife. The pain can last a couple of days.

Recently eating gluten free has become a "healthy" trend and more people are aware of gluten free food and some restaurants offering gluten free options.

However most of these "gluten free" options are not coeliac friendly, for example, cooking chips in the same fryer as foods containing gluten or keeping regular bread and gluten free bread in the same container.

With such a risk of cross-contamination, it is often a risk when I eat out since I can never be sure if "gluten free" really means gluten free.

What I want is for businesses that have gluten free options to be coeliac friendly instead of just being a part of a trend.

If it is advertised as gluten free then the business should take the correct measures to ensure it is safe to consume for someone who suffers from coeliac disease.

Some restaurants have symbols on the menu to point out the gluten free options but most do not and I think this should be adopted by every business.

I would like people to sign this petition to raise the awareness of the struggles of living with coeliac disease and to hopefully make the necessary changes to help out everyone that is suffering from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tasha Hansen

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